Who We Are

The Make every April Better Foundation is an organization inspired by April Eva Long. We are working hard to raise money to further research at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

This organization is founded and managed by friends and family of April who want to change the future of Cancer treatments. We are working every day to raise money to find a better cure.

My name is Carla Long, the Founder of Make Every April Better, and I am April’s cousin closest in age. April and I were best friends and she was like a sister to me. I miss her dearly every day and I want to change the world, in her name, for future generations and other families, so that they don’t have to suffer through the same treatments as April and our family did.

April was born on April 27, 1982. April was beginning her freshman year of high school. On September 25th, 1996, a Thursday night, that her parents noticed a lump by April’s collarbone. They went to see the family doctor who then scheduled a CAT scan. After the results came back¬†April was¬†then sent to see an ENT who scheduled a biopsy. It was then that April was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Disease.

We then went to The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and met Dr. Grupp, one of April’s Oncologists. April went through chemotherapy and radiation treatments with her last treatment in May 1997. We all thought her cancer was behind her, but just three months later she was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Disease again.

This time April would go through a Stem Cell Transplant. A stem cell transplant is similar to a bone marrow transplant, but it does not require a donor and uses the person’s own cells. This time April spent many nights in the hospital and then a full month. She got sick and was in pain at times, but went through the treatment pretty well, we thought. Then just about a week and a half after coming home from the hospital on January 9th, 1998
April was back in with complications from the chemotherapy drugs.

April died on February 6th from pulmonary fibroses a side effect from the chemotherapy drugs used to cure her Hodgkin’s Disease just before her 16th birthday.

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